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Wide Array of Refurbished Cryopumps Including Brooks CTI Cryo-Torr & CTI On-Board Cryopump Brands

Every used cryopump  we sell has undergone a rigorous remanufacturing process whereby the pump has been completely overhauled and rebuilt at our rebuild center headquarters in Fremont, California to a "like new" condition. We can rebuild a wide range of cryopump brands which allows us to be able to provide many in-stock refurbished cryopumps to our customers.

Brooks Cryogenics  CTI On-Board Cryopump - Used Cryopump - Refurbished
Brooks Cryogenics CTI Cryo-Torr Cryopump - Used Cryopump - Refurbished Cryopump

CTI Cryo-Torr

CTI Cryopump Manuals:

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