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Vacuum Technology Training


Four Hour Training Course with Focus on Cryopumping Systems.


Cryosciences is very proud to offer training in vacuum technology to those who might be new to vacuum or cryopumping systems. Our four hour course is broken up into two sections. Section 1 covers the basics of vacuum technology and Section 2 goes into the specifics of cryogenic vacuum systems and how a cryopump works. For more information please feel free to take a look at the detailed training course outline below or click on the "Download Syllabus" button to the bottom right. If you are interested in signing up for the course send us a message with your contact information and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Vacuum Technology Training - Cryopumping - Vacuum Pumps

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44755 S Grimmer Blvd Suite E

Fremont, CA 94538





Section 1 – Basic Vacuum Technology – origins of term ‘torr’; brief history of vacuum pump evolution; introduction to gas laws; stages of vacuum – roughing pumps, high vacuum pumps.

(how oil-sealed rotary vane pumps, dry scroll pumps, dry roughing pumps – diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps and cryopumps operate, advantages and applications that are typical for each).


The objective is to understand the concepts of achieving various levels of vacuum, the basic physics involved and the roles of different types of pumps.


Section 2 – Helium Closed Cycle Refrigeration Systems – history of the development of cryogenic vacuum pumps (liquid cryogens, closed cycle refrigerators); operation of closed-cycle helium refrigeration systems – how a cryopump works, how a compressor works, measuring temperature, regeneration cycles, maintenance of cryogenic systems; rebuild of vacuum side of customer cryopump – remove and replace the charcoal array.


The objective is to understand how closed cycle helium refrigeration systems operate, how each component works, maintenance required, replacement of vacuum side charcoal array.



The course is powerpoint based requiring a conference room with overhead projector plus a white board or paper easel with markers.


The course runs for approximately four hours typically starting at 09:00 with break for lunch at 11:30 hrs. recommencing for completion and cryopump vacuum side rebuild.  


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