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Service & Support: Cryopumps & Compressors


Field service on your cryogenic systems is often a problem that can be solved without removing any equipment and a complete rebuild of your system is often unnecessary.

We can evaluate your problem and find the most cost effective and time saving solution. Our specific focus on cryopumps and compressors allows us to provide unparalleled service.



Contact Us:



44755 S Grimmer Blvd Suite E

Fremont, CA 94538





Cryopump Repair Service - Cryogenic Vacuum Systems - Refurbished Cryopump
  • Technical Assistance for Cryogenic Systems

  • Service All Major Brands: Brooks CTI Cryo-Torr, ULVAC Cryogenics, Trillium series of Cryo-Plex

  • Pickup and Delivery (Bay Area)

  • Engineering Support

  • Field Service (Bay Area)

  • Spare Parts




Cryopump Repair Service - Cryogenic Vacuum Systems
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