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Contact Us For Any of Your Cryogenic Vacuum System Needs: Cryopump Repair/Rebuild, Compressor Repair/Rebuild, Refurbished/Rebuilt Cryopumps & Compressors, Spare Parts, Vacuum System Installation & Maintenance, Cryopump Technical Support, & Vacuum Technology Training


It is our goal at CryoSciences to make sure you are able to meet the most demanding production schedules and important research project deadlines. Let us know how we can help you today with a service or a quality refurbished cryopump and/or compressor.

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Contact Us:



44755 S Grimmer Blvd Suite E

Fremont, CA 94538


Phone: 510.252.1646

Fax: 510.252.1646


Michael Meyer

Cell: 408.836.4344



Georgi Skenderov

Cell: 408.658.3773



Brooks Cryogenics CTI On-Board Cryopump
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