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CTI-Cryogenics On-Board 4F Cryopump

CTI-Cryogenics On-Board 4F Cryopump

Rebuilt and remanufactured Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board cryopump. cryogenic vacuum pumps feature the Fast Regen™ capability which extends cryopump performance between regenerations. On-Board cryopumps offer consistent performance and come equipped with fully integrated controls.

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  • Details

    Pumping Speeds - liters/sec.
    Water Vapor: 1,100
    Air: 370
    Hydrogen: 370
    Argon: 310
    Capacity - std. liter
    Argon: 210
    Hydrogen (5x10-6 Torr): 3
    Nominal Regeneration Time (cold to cold)
    Both Stages: 75 min.
    Second Stage: <1 hr
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